Second Quarter Contributions to our Partners (June)

Wow!  We just finished our first full month of business and we are blown away with the amount of support for this great Cause.  Early on, we decided to take the approach of partnering with a small group of organizations that provide a broad range of services and support to Veterans and their families.  From Day 1, we have been partnered with 22 Too Many and have offered the 22 Too Many Breakfast Blend and a "#22toomany" t-shirt with a commitment to donate a significant percentage of our net revenue on those products.  Our June sales of these products, plus the 5% kickback we do on purchases made with the "22TooMany" discount code, allowed us to donate $90.44 to this great organization!

We are humbled to announce we have established our second partner in the Fight the War Within Foundation. As part of this partnership, we will offer their own exclusive coffee named in the honor of the founder's late husband, Garrett Briggs.  We are excited to launch Garrett's Blend this week, an African Espresso we are proud of and know you will love.  Additionally, they have their own "22FTWW" discount code from which we will donate  5% of sales on all orders using their code.  Find out more about Fight the War Within Foundation on our Partners page.


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