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September - One To Remember

22 Sierra Family,

September was an awesome month for Our Cause. From launching new products, to expanding our network of organizations that love and support Veterans and First Responders, September was a successful month.  

Let's start with the release of Hold The Line.  We love our First Responders and especially our LEOs.  So we couldn't think of a better way to honor them than to offer a bag of coffee paying tribute to them.  We have met so many incredible people along the way thanks to the release of this product.

Next, we got to experience a touching but insightful interview between our apparel provider, Nine Line Apparel and the Fight the War Within Foundation's President and CEO Miranda Briggs.  This interview just solidified why we have chosen to be the official partners of FTWW and are proud to offer Nine Line Apparel.

Then came the day we as American's will Never Forget (9/11).  We felt there would be no better time to show our support for our First Responders than to release a new product in Engine 22.  Engine 22 is a bag of coffee that honors our Firefighters and their service past, present, and future.

A few days after 9/11, we had the opportunity to hop on a live feed with one of our ambassadors, Rachelle (@freedom.and.fleurs).  Thanks to this opportunity, we were able to talk about our company, our Cause, our network, and our supporters.  This opportunity was huge for our company because over 10,000 of her followers got to learn about us, our Cause, and the importance of ending the epidemic that is Veteran and First Responder Suicide.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for the month of September, we brought Fall in with a bang. We grabbed a mug and a pair of Uggs and headed out to the field to release our most "basic" product yet: Pumpkin Spice.  This release was received well by our 22 Sierra Family and we couldn't be happier with the social media presence this coffee fostered.  With every post, tag, comment, like, follow, and share we receive, our awareness, support, and funding for the communities we love continues to grows.

With Fall in full swing, we took to the "fields" of Mount Vernon, Missouri, to let the local community know what we are all about as a company at the local Mt. Vernon Farmer's Market.  For those that don't know, this is "home" for our company.  Despite not having a true physical location, we love to be involved in the community any chance we get and are always greatly appreciative of their support.  Any chance we get to set up "shop", we try to do so and take advantage of the opportunity to share our passion and awareness for the Cause.

Although that wraps up the recap of September, there are so many exciting things not captured within the recap.  We have a lot of things happening behind the scenes that will undoubtedly further our growth as a company and allow us to increase awareness and support of Our Cause all while Fueling others.  Stay tuned for what comes next in regards to product releases and upcoming events.  Also, keep a close eye on our content because October we are stepping up our game.    

Thank you for an amazing September! We can't wait to see what October holds in store for us as a company, but we know with your support, the sky is the limit when it comes to combating Veteran and First Responder suicide.  

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