Gaslighting the Warfighter - Medium Roast

Gaslighting the Warfighter - Medium Roast

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Burn Pits 360 Veterans Organization is an organization leading the fight against the invisible wounds of war sustained by exposure to the toxins generated by burn pits in deployed locations.  Exposure to these toxins lead to devastating health conditions such as neurological disorders, rare forms of cancer, and other unexplained illnesses and symptoms.  We are humbled to team up with Grunt Style and the Grunt Style Foundation for the opportunity to help the mission of Burn Pits 360 and improve the post-deployment lives of veterans exposed to deadly toxins.  

*100% of profits from this product will be donated to Burn Pits 360 Veterans Organization*

100% Arabica Coffee

Roast: Medium

Taste Profile:  Caramel, Toffee, Fruit.  Balanced and savory.

Source: Colombia